Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thinking preschool?

First of all, I will write about the variety of Japanese preschool.
Authorized preschool ( It is based on the educational law, and authorized by Tsukuba city. The city pay some money.)

day care・・Hoikusho (保育所)----- It is for working mother.
public(公立保育所)--0~until elementary school
private(私立保育所)--0~until elementary school

kindergarten ・・Youchien(幼稚園)-----It is more educational.
public (公立幼稚園)---2 years (4,5 year's old )
private(私立幼稚園)---3 years(3,4,5year's old)

Unauthorized preschool ・・(It is limit-free, flexible for time and curriculum. )
private day care

I'll explain each detail next.

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