Sunday, December 30, 2007

Aobadai(あおば台), Nakamura-Shirayuri(中村白百合), Hitachi-Gakuin(ひたち学院), Kindergarten

右籾宮塚2755, 029-842-6311

It has small river and waterfall in the yard surrounded by a lot of trees. Children could have many events like camping, climbing up the Mt. Tsukuba, field day, etc..
3 year's old: 41 children , 3 classes
4 year's old: 71 children , 3 classes
5 year's old: 64 children , 2 classes total 176, 14 teachers
Time: 8:30~14:00, ( 8:30~12:00 on Monday )
Extra Hour Child care: 14:00~16:00 500 yen/day, 14:00~17:00 800yen/day
Lunch: Children take lunch box 2 time a week, and
have lunch made in the kindergarten 2 time a week.
Open day: September
Apply: October 1st~

中村南5-31-1, 029-841-5885

A Japanese mom whose children graduated Nakamurasirayuri Kindergarten gave me this comment. It is really useful, so I translated it.
" There are 5 teachers that speak English as their mother tongue. Even if your child speaks only English, teachers can support in English and Japanese. Children can choose the immersion class (in their second year), so it is more helpful. (Immersion class means teacher teaches and plays with children in English all day.)
Lunch is all hand made in the kindergarten, it is very delicious. There is a birthday party for children every month. Not only the child, but also the mother would be invited and celebrated by teachers and other children. The mother could have lunch with children, and take a look of their kindergarten life.
Kindergarten has some school bus going around Tsukuba city and Tsutiura city.
Children would have swimming and English class in their school time. If children love these classes more, they can take swimming, English, piano class after 2 pm in the kindergarten. The cost is 5000 yen/ month each, but if you take swimming or piano, English class is for half price.
There are lots of events like presentation?, field day, Halloween party, Christmas party, and hiking of Tokyo Disney Land, aquarium, and zoo in Ueno.
It has day care in the long holidays."
Thank you for the comment!
3 year's old: 90 children , 3 classes
4 year's old: 90 children , 4 classes
5 year's old: 95 children , 4 classes total 275, 19 teachers
Time: 9:00~14:00
Extra Hour Child care: 15:00~18:00 500 yen/day or 5000 yen/month
Lunch: Lunch is made in Kindergarten everyday.
Open day: September
Apply: October 1st~

乙戸1029-1, 029-842-7107

It has big yard and grove which children can play and take some beetle and stag beetle in summer. Teachers ,Parents, and children make each event together. It would be great memory to everyone.
3 year's old: 63 children , 2 classes
4 year's old: 65 children , 2 classes
5 year's old: 69children , 2 classes total 197, 16 teachers
Time: 9:00~14:00, ( 9:00~12:00 on Wednesday )
Extra Hour Child care: 14:00~18:00 100 yen/hour, 12:00~18:00 100yen/hour
Lunch: Children take lunch box 2 time a week, and
have delivered lunch 2 time a week.
Open day: September
Apply: October 1st~

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