Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chuuou(中央),Tsutiura Midori(土浦みどり), Kindergarten


Children can swim in the indoor pool through the year. Teachers tell the importance of cooperation, working hard to do everything.
3 year's old: 74 children , 2 classes
4 year's old: 82 children , 3 classes
5 year's old: 107 children , 3 classes total 263, 12 teachers
(It also has a class for under 3 year's old. 2 times/ month, 1 time 200 yen)
Time: 9:00~15:00
Extra Hour Child care: 7:30~9:00 ,15:00~18:30 300 yen/hour,
Lunch: Lunch is made in Kindergarten everyday.
Open day: anytime
Apply: October 1st~

土浦市並木4-1-36, 029-822-7090

It has the bright kindergarten building, and rich natural environment. Children can take the class of Exercise and English.
3 year's old: 47 children , 2 classes
4 year's old: 52 children , 2 classes
5 year's old: 51 children , 2 classes total 150, 12 teachers
Time: 9:00~14:30
Extra Hour Child care: 15:30~18:00 400 yen/day
Lunch: Lunch is made in Kindergarten everyday.
Open day: September
Apply: October 1st~


Vivian said...

Thanks so much for your blog, Kumi! Your English is great, by the way.

Your blog is such a great help for Tsukuba mothers. I just became a mother (this month!) and this kind of information is really perfect!!!

By the way, do you have some contact information, if we have some specific questions to ask you?

Vivian (I often write on tsukublog)

Kumi said...

Hi, Vivian!

Thank you for your comment and good suggestion! I put my email-address in my blog. I'm so happy to get any questions and contact with international friends.
By the way, you became mom this month!How nice!I remember that the first month that my son was born was the hardest.But I think you feel easier little by little. Keep going your great work! I'm making effort to give the information that you and child can enjoy Tsukuba's life together.
Merry Christmas and happy weekend!