Wednesday, December 5, 2007

obstetrics and gynecology3

Andrea gave me more information about obstetrics and gynecology. Thank you for the helpful text!

Just a quick list from both my experience as a patient and a teacher
for medical English courses:

Fluent in English (probably best English in Tsukuba) - Dr. Shoji in
Yatabe. Male. Older and has very good reputation in gyno as well as
obstectrics. Some staff should be able to speak English on the phone,
at least enough to get an appointment. Very busy clinic but waiting
time reasonable (maybe one hour or so depending on the day).

Tries hard to help in English - Maejima Ladies Clinic in Matsushiro.
Doctor is male and doesn't speak so much English but wife who is a
midwife can speak some English and tries very hard to help. If the
staff can't help on the phone in English, ask to speak to Tomoko
(Maejima) sensei.

Big hospital with 4 women doctors - Gakuen Hospital. You can't make an
appointment if you don't have a letter of referral, so just have to go
to the window (I would go BEFORE 9am) and wait to get a slot. If you
want a woman doctor, be prepared to wait longer. In any case, even
WITH an appointment, don't expect to get out of the hospital in less
than 3 hours! From my experience, the staff don't speak English. The
doctor I saw was very professional but didn't speak English. I don't
know if she just didn't or couldn't but allowed me to try my best in

Nanairo Clinic in Teshirogi is a new clinic and the doctor is very
modern and nice. Neither staff or doctor speak English. Probably
better for obstet. rather than gyno.

If English is the main point, and if a female doctor is just a
preference rather than a necessity, then Dr. Shoji is best.

Another alternative that is quite expensive is St. Luke's Hospital in
Tsukiji in Tokyo. Take Tsukuba Express and transfer to the Hibiya
Line, will take just over an hour to get there. The hospital signs and
forms are totally bilingual in Japanese and English. There is an
English help window that was staffed by an American (not sure about
now). Doctors and staff speak some English and it is a very popular
hospital with expats.

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