Sunday, January 6, 2008

Salad Noodle

How about healthy lunch?
Salad Noodle

Ingredients: (for 2~3 people )
Siso 5 leaves----Cut it into stripes.
Tomato 1 -----Cut it into bite-sized chunk.
Shouga (ginger) 1piece -----Grate it.
Kyuuri (cucumber) 1 -----Cut it into stripes.
Negi ( small leek ) 2 -----Chop finely.
Mayo 2 table spoons
1 can of Tuna ----Mix with Mayo.

1. Cut the ingredients like this.

2. Boil water, and put Soumen in it. ( Soumen 100g is for one adult. )
Boil more 2~3 minutes until noodle is tender, then drain in a colander and wash with water.

3. Serve the Soumen on a plate, and put tomato, cucumber, siso, tuna-mayo, leek on it. Ginger is addition on the plate.

There is a dinosaur "Saichania". It's my son's favorite.

4. Put " Tsuyu-no-moto " 1~2 table spoons on the Salad Noodle.

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