Sunday, June 1, 2008

Toy Library and 10 yen manju

Toy Library Map
The volunteer group gives your child the chance to play many toys 2 times a month. " Toy library " is held at Toyosato goodness and welfare center. First, you need to make a registration card. My friend Tsuge san is there, and she can speak English. So if you have any question, please ask her. Children can play with a lot of prepared toys, and one child can borrow one toy for one month.There are 2 or 3 professionals who mend the toy. If you take a broken toy, it might be fixed up. All are free. I think children aged 0~before elementary school can enjoy it.

2nd Friday: 10am~12am, 1pm~4pm
4th Saturday: 10am~12am

2009 schedule

How about 10 yen Japanese sweets after toy library?
My family loves the 10 yen manju sold by "Wahuan". Manju is a kind of bun with bean-jam filling. I recommend brown sugar (黒糖) bun, and white Yuzu (ゆず) bun, and green Maccha (抹茶) bun.
"Wahuan 和ふ庵" Map


Anonymous said...

I too loooooove manju.
How are feeling these days ?
When is the baby due ?
take care.
Anna H.

Kumi said...

Hi, Anna!
I'm so happy to hear that you love manju.There is another Japanese sweet shop "Okinaya" which I think it is the best in Tsukuba. I will write it later!
I'm 26 weeks pregnant, and my due date is September 17th.Lately, I got a lot of weight, so I got doctor's teaching...

Thank you for reading my blog.
See you later.