Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There is a good gym class in iias Tsukuba. Mr. Tanaka is a gym coach who was an Olympic athlete of gym. His wife Ms. Tanaka is also a gym coach who won silver and bronze medal in the world championships of aerobics.
They teach children the fun of
trampoline, and exercise on the mat, training with iron bar.
I think children like it.

fee: entrance fee 3000 yen, lesson fee 6000 yen/ month (4 times)
There are some baby-parent class, and exercise class for adults.
time schedule(pdf)

Web site :

You can try 1 lesson for free.
tel : 029-868-7255 10:00~17:00
Tuesday and Friday are closed.
Taiso Land is on 3F in iias.

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