Thursday, May 13, 2010

Latin Aerobicdance Class

Venezuelan lady Gaby offers Latin Aerobicdance Class.

I have only had 4 lessons so far, but they were really fun!

Some mothers bring their children, and they enjoy dance with mothers. They are so cute.

Japanese rarely dance, so it is good chance for me to dance. Gaby said "Venezuelan people have danced since kindergarten, so everyone can dance." It's amazing!

Latin Aerobicdance

Day and Time : Saturday 10:30~11:30,

As it is not every Saturday, you'd better check the date on the website.

Website :

Place : Capio 1F refresh room (リフレッシュルーム) Map

Fee : 700 yen/ 1 time, You can have trial lesson for 200 yen.

Bring your room sports shoes, towel, drink.


Beebee said...

I went tooooo!!! It was SOOOOOOOO fun!!! :) I wanna go again soon but I have to find someone to watch Lina. (she totally gets bored and clings to my leg in such circumstances)

Kumi said...

Hi, Beebee!

Thank you for your comment! Yes, it's soo fun! When I join the class, my hasband takes care of very active two boys.I feel so sorry that I can't attend every time. I can join 1or 2 times a month. I hope your girl will be interested in the dance, and you will join together.

Gabriela Arenas said...

Oh Kumi thanks so much for this post!! I really like to enjoy my class with you!!! for me dancing is the best way to raise the spirit!!;)

Fei said...

Dear Kumi,

It's been a while not seeing you. How are you?

again, an exciting news!
I want to go!!


Kumi said...

Hi, Gaby!

I really appreciate that you opened such a nice class! I will join it as many as I can.

Hi, Fei!

Thank you for your comment. Please try this class. You can enjoy dancing, and make some international friends.

Sai Ying said...

Gaby's dance class was really a lot of fun! I have joined it together with my 6-year-old daughter only for the first three sessions back in March. Now because of my new job on Saturday mornings, we can't attend anymore. We miss it so much though! I even let my daughter watch similar dance on YouTube and she will just dance right along! All women should have a go! Shake, shake, shake your body! :)

Kumi said...

Hi, Sai Ying san!

Yesterday, I really enjoyed the aerobics class though it was not boxercise. It was so nice I could talk with you and other mothers. Thank you very much!
I want to join the next class, can I bring my super active 20 months boy?

By the way, thank you for your comment on my blog Tsukuba Mom. I'm not good at English, so it takes long time to write one text. If I made a mistake, or used strange English, please please let me know! And if you have some information for mothers, please share it!
I'd like to write about the boxercise class on my blog next time, is it OK? I'm sure it must be fun and good exercise for me and mothers. Thank you for telling me a nice class~.

I hope I can see you soon!