Monday, December 17, 2007

Aobadai-Daini(あおば台第二),Academia(アカデミア), Kindergarten

Aobadai-Daini (あおば台第二)幼稚園 
上の室前坪305-3,  029-857-8515

Children are always the center of the education and play.It takes the method of free style care(自由保育), it means that children can play as they like, anytime, anywhere.Teachers have good character, and prepare very attractive event every day like playing with mud, painting, making cardboard house,,etc..
3 year's old: 80 children , 5 classes
4 year's old: 61 children , 2 classes
5 year's old: 59 children , 2 classes total 200, 15 teachers
(It also has a class for under 3 year's old. 1 time/ week)
School Time: 8:30~14:00, 8:30~11:30 (Monday)
Extra Hour Child care: 14:00~16:00 500 yen/day, 14:00~17:00 800 yen/day
There is no class and day care in the long holiday. ( summer holiday is 1 and half month. )
Lunch: Lunch is made in Kindergarten twice a week, and you have to bring lunch box twice a week.
Open day: September
Apply: October 1st~

下横場425, 029-836-5951

It has the wide site (about 10000 m), so children can play at ease. There are not only kindergarten's building, but also gymnasium, indoor pool, log house. Children can enter from 2 year's old. It takes the education of English, Kendo (Japanese martial arts with bamboo sword), playing the trumpet, and violin.
2 year's old: 10 children, 1 class
3 year's old: 15 children , 1 class
4 year's old: 15 children , 1 class
5 year's old: 15 children , 1 class total 55, 5 teachers
School Time: 9:30~14:30,
Extra Hour Child care: 15:30~ 200 yen/hour
Lunch:You can choose taking lunch box or delivered lunch.
Open day: June
Apply: October 1st~ ( If it has more room, anytime is O.K.)

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