Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sakae(栄), Tsukubashiraho(つくば白帆), Kindergarten

松塚667 , 029-857-2231
It was built in 1947.On the basis of Buddhism spirit, children can play freely in the wide yard and good surrounding. There is a day care building in the same site for the child aged 0~2, so you can also take advantage of it. Children can enjoy playing with mud, and the dirty clothes are washed and returned to you.
3 year's old: 60 children , 2 classes
4 year's old: 70 children , 2 classes
5 year's old: 70 children , 2 classes total 200, 16 teachers
(It also has a class for 0~2 year's old.)
School Time: 8:00~16:00,
Extra Hour Child care: ~19:00 200 yen/ 30min
Lunch: You can choose taking lunch box or lunch served by Kindergarten.
Open day: anytime
Apply: October 1st~

小野崎427-1 , 029-864-6464
It is very new kindergarten which was built in 2007. Children can have the education of English, Music, Gymnastics by the special teacher. Parents would help 1 event per year.
3 year's old: 50 children , 2 classes
4 year's old: 60 children , 2 classes
5 year's old: 60 children , 2 classes total 169, 10 teachers
School Time: 10:00~15:00,
Extra Hour Child care: 16:00~18:00 500 yen/day
Lunch: Kindergarten serves lunch 4 times a week, and you have to bring lunch box one time/week.
Open day: September
Apply: October 1st~
It is very convenient place near LALA Garden. The road in front of the kindergarten has heavy traffic, so it's better to go there by school bus.

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