Friday, December 14, 2007


つくば市前野1860-1, 029-864-2222
It has rich natural environment. Children have the lesson of swimming,and English. The kindergarten building is new, and the yard is wide. There are a lot of event ( hiking, music concert, etc...) each year.
3 year's old: 120 children , 4 classes
4 year's old: 105 children , 4 classes
5 year's old: 118 children , 4 classes total 343, 32 teachers
(It also has a class for 2 year's old.)
Time: 10:00~15:00
Extra Hour Child care: 17:00~19:00 800 yen/day
Lunch: Kindergarten serves delivered lunch every day.
Open day: anytime
Apply: November 1st~

土田13-34, 029-847-2830
Children can play cheerfully on the basis of Buddhism spirit. The facility is clean and everything is ordered. Children listen to Buddhism spiritual story and join their palms together to pray.Since teachers make good effort to the kindergarten's event, parents don't have to help so much.
3 year's old: 60 children , 3 classes
4 year's old: 76 children , 3 classes
5 year's old: 82 children , 3 classes total 218, 11 teachers
(It also has a class for over 36 months old.)
Time: 10:00~15:00, 10:00~11:20 (Wednesday)
Extra Hour Child care: 15:00~17:30 500 yen/day
Lunch: Lunch is made in the kindergarten every day
Open day: June~September
Apply: October 3rd~

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