Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tsukuba Shikougakuen(筑波枝光学園), Yoshinuma(吉沼), Kindergarten

I'm going to write about each kindergarten.

Teachers take great care of each child because of the little class. It has wide yard, and rich natural environment. Children are helped to have the independence mind based on the Catholicism spirit, and they learn the importance of the life. Teachers are expert in teaching. You would assist one kindergarten event a year.
3 year's old: 15 children, 1class
4 year's old: 14 children, 1class
5 year's old: 22 children, 1class total 51, 5 teachers
Time: 10:00~14:00
Extra Hour Child care: 14:00~16:00 300 yen/day
Lunch: Children have to bring lunch box every day.
Open day: around September
Apply: October 1st~

吉沼4138, 029-865-1575
Three large features are the intellectual training, the physical education, and music. The kindergarten helps children to do by himself/herself, and to become considerate children. The kindergarten plant is beautiful. The lunch and snack are handmade and delicious. The music concert given by children is wonderful.
3 year's old: 90 children , 3classes
4 year's old: 100 children, 3 classes
5 year's old: 90 children, 3classes total 290, 24 teachers
(It also has a class for 2 year's old.)
Time: 8:00~16:00
Extra Hour Child care: 7:30~ , ~18:30 ( for free )
Lunch: Lunch is made in kindergarten every day.
Open day: September~October
Apply: November 1st~

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