Monday, December 3, 2007

obstetrics and gynecology

I found useful information of obstetrics and gynecology from international wemen's network.

From Laura
Well, there is a FABULOUS ob/gyn in Shimodate (now Chikusei). It is about 45 to
an hour from the gakuen. He is VERY popular around here AND speaks great
English! He is Dr. Endo and his clinic is Endo Ladies Clinic. None of the
staff speak English but they are all very kind and helpful. I had my son at his
clinic and I have Diabetes. He doesn't specialize in Diabetes, but monitored
and delivered my baby anyway. He is GOOD! The phone number is 0296-20-1000
And their home page is It is completely in
Japanese, but has some great pics of the building.
(Thanks, Laura!)

From Rachel
I can also say that Endo Ladies Clinic is great - I had both of my
babies there. Dr Endo speaks very good english and is very
accommodating of any requests you may have. I have also been to him
for some gynaecological issues and have found him to be very
understanding, gentle and informative. The only thing I would warn
others of is the examination style. You sit on a chair (like a
dentists chair) and you are naked waist down and the curtain only
covers you to your waist (ie - your bottom is on full view to all
the nurses who happen to walk past you, but I believe this is how it
is at most places here). I found this rather alarming the first
time, but all of the staff were so discreet and relaxed it never
really bothered me again. Dr Endo was not bothered when I pulled
the curtain back so that I could see him when he was examining me (I
have heard that some doctors don't let you pull the curtain back).
(Thanks Rachel!)

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