Monday, December 10, 2007

rental CD and DVD

Sometimes we go to TSUTAYA (CD&DVD rental shop ), but my son goes to everywhere, and gets some DVD at random.I don't have enough time to look for. So we also use the inter net rental service.These are the web sites (they are in Japanese ).

DMM 1,890yen 8CD&DVD /month, total 88381 titles It has comics-rent service.
TSUTAYA 1,958yen 8CD&DVD /month , total 63262 titles
Posren (ぽすれん)1,953yen 8CD&DVD /month , total 87245 titles
GEOonline 1,953yen 8CD&DVD /month, total 47350 titles

System: You have to submit the member registration in the web page.The charge of a rental is paid with a credit card, so you need the credit card number.Since you can rent for free for two weeks, you can also try it. If you make the wish list of the movie and CD, two of them will be reached to your mailbox in 2~3 days. If you finish seeing, you can put them into the envelope and post it in a red mailbox. (The mailing cost is no charge.) If the company makes sure your return, the two new CD&DVD will be sent.
TSUTAYA is my recommendation because it is very large, and has many stock. You can enjoy watching movie with children.

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