Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! Today, I will introduce Japanese New Year Cooking.

Zouni ( 雑煮 )


Mochi 4

Chicken breast or thigh -- cut into small pieces

from left

Negi ( small leak )
boiled shrimp

Tsuyu-no-moto 4 Table spn
Sake(Japanese alcohol ) 1 Table spn
Shouyu ( soy sauce ) 2 Table spn
Mirin 1 Table spn
water 4 cups

1. Boil "A" and put Chicken and Hakusai

2. Bake Mochi in the gas grill 3 minutes and turn over, then 2minutes in smallest heat.

If you don't have the grill, you can put Mochi in the soup directly, and boil it 5 minutes.

3. Put baked Mochi and other ingredients in #1 except Mitsuba. Boil it 1~2 minutes. Serve it in a bowl, and put Mitsuba on it.

It is very easy! Please try it.
If you don't like Mochi, Japanese noodle Soba and Somen are good with this soup.


Beebee said...

This is very interesting - I know there are many regional differences when it comes to ozouni soup!! Thanks for sharing your style - maybe I'll try doing it that way next year, with Chinese nappa instead of spinach.

I made mine with eringi/enoki/shitake mushrooms, carrot, daikon, fishcake, spinach, mitsuba...forgot this in English - trefoil maybe?, snow peas, and chicken bits in dashi base.

Some of my friends put tangerine (mikan) juice in kurikinton for a fresh taste!

Does your family like o-sechi foods? My husband only likes a few things, so I don't make much - only: kurikinton, kuromame, oshiruko, ozouni, and datemaki(only I like this one). I think store-bought are way too salty/sweet and packed with scary preservatives, so I avoid them. I will send you an interesting article on that later.

Enjoy o-mochi but be careful not to choke! :)

Kumi said...

Hi, Beebee!
Happy New Year!
Thank you for your comment.I think you are a very nice cook!It is amazing that you made kurikinton,kuromame, oshiruko,ozouni,datemaki.Lately, my friend Vivian sent me the text about additives.I'm so agree with you about prepared-food.
I'm going to write healthy home-made food for a while.
See you later!