Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Mira Indian Restaurant

We went to the Indian restaurant that Hafida recommended me before.
It was Saturday lunch time, and we could choose from 8 lunch menus and others. My husband ordered lunch special set ¥1100 and I ordered Chicken Muglai Set ¥700. You can choose rice/or naan and choose the hot level of the curry.

It served salad, mango lassi, curry, and rice to me. The curry was very mild, ( it seemed to contain yogurt or heavy cream??) and very nice! My son ate the curry very much. My son and I also became the fan of mango lassi. The naan ordered by my husband was very good smelled rich butter, and sweet. The price was reasonable, and you can taste the authentic curry.

lunch special set : Sag chicken, Chane masara, Chicken tikka, Seek kebab, Naan, Rice, Salad, Mango lassi ¥1100

New Mira Indian Restaurant
week days 11:00〜15:00(lunch)
week days 17:00〜23:00(dinner)
Saturday and Sunday 11:00~23:00
Web site :


Hafida said...

Hi, I am glad you like it. My favorite set is the one your husband ordered, ummm, very delicious, and the bread is very tasty, my son loves the bread of Mira.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kumi-san,
You are sure eating a lot of yummy
food lately.
How do you manages to looks so thin and nice with all that eating ?
I always gain 1 kilo just LOOKING AT THE MENU !!!!!
But, please enjoy this quiet time before the baby comes.....after that there will maybe not be much time for eating....?!
Take care,

NandL said...

You have been *BUZZ*ed. Consider this your official warning. Even though I often don't know what to say, I want to let you know that I stop by every so often. Think I'll try to BUZZ you from time to time just so you know I DO read your blog! ^-^
Laura H...
P.S. Did I update you about my delivery, etc....?

Kumi said...

Hi, Hafida! Anna-san! Laura!
Thank you for your comments!! I'm so happy to know that you read my blog.Thank you! I got 10 kg before my delivery.. Today I'm admitted to the clinic. I will be back soon. See you later.

Hafida, Thank you for the information of the nice Indian restaurant. It was very nice.
Anna-san, I'm looking forward to seeing you.
Laura, I'm also checking your blog sometimes, and enjoy DJ & Jessica's pictures. Please take care.


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