Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Flea Market 11/15

Suginoko preschool(島名杉の子保育園) Flea Market

The flea market is going to be held on November 15 (Sat) from 10:30 to 13:00 at Shimana Suginoko Preschool. Map

It seems to sell daily necessaries, second hand clothes, drink and snacks, locally grown vegetables,,etc.
Have fun!

address : つくば市下河崎4-208
tel : 029-847-6185

Shimana Suginoko Preschool's staff collect flea market goods.
You can give (not sell) toys and children's clothes and daily goods to the preschool. You would better to call before take them to the preschool. They say it is possible that the staff goes to your house and get them.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Kumi-san,
How are you and your baby doing?
Next next weekend is the "slow-market" in Tsukuba.
BlomsterAnna will be there too,
if you feel up to it come and enjoy the nice autum weather.
Would love to see you.
take care,
Anna H.

Kumi said...

Hi, Anna-san!
Thank you very much for your comment. My husband and I found the flyer of the "slow-market" at your flower shop, and we are very interested in that. We will certainly go to the slow-market! i'd like to let many people know the nice event, so I will write about it on my blog soon. See you later. Thank you again!

NandL said...

Do you know if you can sign up to sell things at this Flea Market? I have soooooo much that I really need to get rid of! But it is all too nice to just throw away!...
Laura H...

Kumi said...

Hi, Laura!
I post the information that you can give the goods. Thank you.