Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer Events for kids

Playing Summer Festival (夏祭りごっこ)
Your child can experience summer festival with miniature mikoshi (portable shrine) , toy gold fish scooping, and Bon dance.

August 6 (Wed) 10:00~11:30 at Sakura Gymnastic Hall (桜総合体育館 Map)
August 8 (Fri) 10:00~11:30 at Shimana community hall (島名公民館 Map)
For Free
You have to apply by phone.
child -raising assistant center "Keyaki- Hiroba" : 029-857-9037

Nakayoshi Festival (なかよしまつり)
August 9(Sat) 11:00~18:30 at Ozone Children's Hall (大曽根児童館 Map)
You can enjoy seeing dance and sing on the stage, eating shaved ice and takoyaki. It will have haunted house, bazaar, teaching corner how to make water gun, etc....
Everyone is welcome. You don't have to apply.
detail : 029-864-0181

Bon Dance Festival (商工会青年部納涼盆踊り大会)

August 10 (Sun) 17:30~21:00 at the parking lot of city hall Tsukubane (市民ホールつくばね前駐車場 Map)
You can enjoy dancing with bon dance music. There will be some food stalls, contest of Japanese summer kimono (Yukata) for kids, holding a lottery , etc....
Everyone is welcome. You don't have to apply.
detail: 029-867-0343

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