Saturday, February 21, 2009

Taiyaki (鯛焼き)

I'll introduce you Japanese sweets Taiyaki which you can buy at
"Gin-no An (銀のあん)" in iias Tsukuba.
Usually, there are some people stand in line at the shop, and it takes 10~20 minutes to get the Taiyaki. If you go there at night, you can get it soon.
Taiyaki is the
fish-shaped pancake filled with bean jam. This shop's Taiyaki has good amount of filling, and you can choose the filling, like bean jam, sweet potato jam, chestnut jam, sesame jam, custard etc..
The pancake is a little harder than common Taiyaki, I think it is similar to waffle, and very tasty.
The price of 1 Taiyaki is 150~180 yen. The 6 filling Taiyaki set is 990 yen.


Beebee said...

I think they use rice flour to make it super crunchy and hard. Tasty, for sure......but hmm, I still prefer Western sweets like a jumbo cream puff, or some cakes! :)

Anonymous said...


Please try the taiyaki at JUSCO in Shimotsuma! They are sooo tasty and no waiting in line. :) I had the kuromame filled one, tasty and more reasonable than IIAS shop'S!