Monday, June 15, 2009

AEON Tsuchiura shopping center

We finally went to the AEON Tsuchiura shopping center (イオン土浦ショッピングセンター) which was new opened on May 28. I was so surprised that it was very big, and has many shops. Map

First of all, we looked around 3rd floor, and found Crystal World which sells fossil & beautiful natural stone. My son was amazed the triceratops's leg fossil and many shell's fossil. My father in low likes natural stone, so each of us chose "my interesting stone" for father's day.

Then, we went to food court and game & amusement place. My son enjoyed the Animal Kaiser game, and I & baby took a rest with tapioca tea. There are baby goods, kid's clothes, toy shops around amusement place, so it is very convenient for family.
We took lunch at food court, there is play space, so my boys played there waiting food.

We went to first floor, there are Disney store, Body shop, Mujirushi Ryouhin (無印良品) store etc... Mujirushi store has some children's clothes and toys. Have a look!
My friend recommended me socks store "Kutsusitaya (靴下屋)". She said she loves socks and there are many socks in the shop. I have to go there next time.

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