Sunday, June 21, 2009

Swine Flu

It is reported 3 cases of swine flu in Ibaraki, 2 cases are Tsukuba citizen.
Wash your hands well, gargle after returning home.

If you have high fever, consult to
Tsukuba Health Center (つくば保健所) 029-851-9287
(9:00~17:00 ) or
Ibaraki kenchou Hoken Yobou ka (茨城県庁保健予防課) 029-301-4001 (24 hours )

If you have some question about swine flu , call
029-857-9034 (promotion of health departmentー健康増進課-kenkou zoushin ka)
029-857-3931 (Sakura Health Center 桜保健センター)
029-838-1100 (Yatabe Health Center 谷田部保健センター)
029-864-7841 (Oho Health Center 大穂保健センター)

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