Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fireworks Events 2009

There are some fireworks events in Ibaraki. Many many people are expected to come to each event, and sometimes the roads are blocked. So it is better to use public transportation. If you go by car, please check the parking lot and blocked road.
Take your friends and family, and enjoy!

Mito Koumon Festival (水戸黄門まつり)
"Mito Koumon" is the hiro in Mito. He was the lord of Mito and supported shogun in 17th century.The festival's origin is Tanabata or Star festival, but it was named after Mito's hero later.

August 7(Fri) ~9(Sun)
Fireworks : August 7, 19:30~ 21:00 at Senba lake in Mito city (Map) It is near Kairakuen(偕楽園) station.
You can see 4,300 fireworks. There are over 330,000 visitors every year.
Laura posted comment, the fireworks was rained out. They will have it next week on August 14. Same time, same place.
Web site:
Pictures :
You can see the parade of Mito Koumon on on August 8 and 9.

Koga Fireworks Festival (古河花火大会)
August 1(Sat) 19:10 ~ 20:40 at Koga Golf Links.The place is a public golf course. You can see 15,000 fireworks. There are over 300,000 visitors every year.
Web site :
Map and parking
If you go by train, you can get JR Utsunomiya Line (JR宇都宮線) and get off at Koga station (古河駅), or get Toubu-Nikkou Line (東武日光線) and get off at Shin-Koga station (新古河駅).

Twin Ring Motegi Fireworks Festival (ツインリンクもてぎ 花火の祭典)
August 14 (Fri) 19:20~20:00 at Twin Ring Motegi. The place is the circuit. You need to buy a entrance ticket for 2000 yen / Adult in advance , and 500 yen/ Child. You can get a ticket on the inter net or by phone ( TEL:0285-64-0080). You can see 12,000 fireworks. There are over 35,000 visitors every year.
Web site :
Map of the circuit :

Jousou Kinu River Fireworks Festival (常総きぬ川花火大会)
August 29 (Sat) 19:00~20:20 at Hashimoto Athletic Park (橋本運動公園 Map). You can see 7,000 fireworks. There are over 95,000 visitors every year.
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Kashima City Fireworks Festival (鹿嶋市花火大会)
August 29 (Sat) 19:30~21:00 at Kitaura Lake (北浦湖 Map). You can see 9,000 fireworks. There are over 210,000 visitors every year.
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You can take fee shuttle bus from JR Kashima Jingu Station (JR鹿島神宮駅前) and Kashima soccer stadium parking lot B (カシマサッカースタジアムB駐車場). Bus time to the lake 17:00~19:30, return bus 20:30~21:30

Japan Fireworks Competitions in Tsutsiura City (土浦全国花火競技大会)
October 3(Sat) 18:00~20:30 around Gakuen Oohashi (学園大橋 Map). You can see 20,000 fireworks. There are over 800,000 visitors every year.
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NandL said...

Did you know that the fireworks in Mito was rained out. They will have it next week on August 14. Same time, same place, I think. ;)
Hopefully we can go! ^-^
Laura H...

Kumi said...

Hi, Laura
Oh, really! I have to re- write that.
Thank you!