Friday, September 11, 2009

Psychiatric & Psychosomatic Clinics

I picked up the Psychiatric & Psychosomatic Clinics that the doctor speaks A or B level in English, and any level in other languages. I don't write the general hospital because there are many doctor, and I don't know who has the language skill. I will write other branches of medicine (internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, mental clinic...) soon.
The source of the information:
Ibaraki Medicine Information(いばらき医療機関情報ネット)

A: The doctor speaks the language fluently
B:The doctor can understand everyday conversation
C:The doctor can communicate by
a picture and a few words

Map of the psychiatric clinics & psychosomatic medicine

Stress Care Tsukuba Clinic (ストレスケアつくばクリニック) English A , TaiwaneseA
Address : つくば市竹園1−4−1 南3パークビル1F
Open : Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri (9:30〜13:00,14:30〜16:30, 17:00~19:00)
Sat (9:30〜13:00, 14:30~16:30 )
Close :Wednesday, Sunday, National Holiday
Website :

Ogura Naika (小倉内科) English B
Address : つくば市東2−4−14
Open : Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri (8:30〜11:45,14:30〜17:45) Sat (8:30〜11:45, 14:30~16:45 )
Close :Thursday, Sunday, National Holiday

Shihou-no mori Clinic (紫峰の森クリニック) English B
Address : つくば市島名472−1
Open : Mon~Fri (9:00〜12:30,14:00〜17:30) Sat (9:00〜12:00, 13:30~15:30)
Close :Sunday, National Holiday
Website :

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