Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tsukuba International School

Tsukuba International School (TIS) was founded in 1992, as a non profit organization. The school building was renewed and opened in 2007. Shaney-san who is an administrator of this school showed me around.

She is also a member of International Women's Network and one of the editor of Tsukublog, and Alien Times. Her work is so great that I respect her very much, it was nice chance for me to look around the school and to see her also.

The school is originally elementary school, and the preschool was opened on September 2009 near the school yard. Additionally, the junior high school will be opened on September 2010. The school building is made of wood, classrooms are bright and cozy.

Children can learn not only usual curriculum, but also music, art, computer ..etc. The 6 core teachers are native English speakers who are certified.

TIS has the open day almost every month, so you can look around and feel warm, nice atmosphere.

←school yard &
preschool (below)

Tsukuba International School

Elementary school
School time : 8:30~15:05
School bus is available. Children take their lunch box every day.
Children :
grade1 - 7 people
grade2 - 10 people
grade3 - 11 people
grade4/5 - 8 people
grade6/7 - 6 people
There is no after school and summer school for others, I mean for not members.

There are 9 children in the preschool, and 1 native-English teacher, 1 Japanese nursery teacher. The capacity is 14 children.
Preschool time : 8:30~15:05


Tom said...

It's too expensive school for children for non profit organisation

Kumi said...

Hi, Tom san

Yeah, you are right. It is expencive.
When I visited the school, I asked Shaney san that there is some money help from the city or nation.The answer is no. So you need much money. I hope the city will give money help to such a good school someday..

I will write another school," liberty international school" later. I heard there are elementary school and preschool, and if one or both parents are foreigner, the cost is harf. I will make sure.

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