Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mizuho no Mura Ichiba (みずほの村市場)

We went to a farmer's market named Mizuho no Mura Ichiba (みずほの村市場). It has a experience-farm that you can pick some vegetables, such as egg plant, tomato, cucumber, okra, and you can buy them. In the farm, there are sunflower maze, and crawfishing pond, some animals, 2 goats, 3 ponies, many chickens. My children tried to pick up some eggs laid on the day. It was so warm. We bought 6 eggs for 300 yen.
The sunflower maze will be held from July 17(Sat) to August 29 (Sun ). Don't miss it~!

←crawfishing pond
You can borrow the fishing set.

←sunflower maze

Mizuho no Mura Ichiba (みずほの村市場) experience-farm

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