Friday, March 6, 2009

Backerei Brotzeit (ベッカライ・ブロートツァイト)

I found a good bread shop in Amakubo.
The name is Backerei Brotzeit (ベッカライ・ブロートツァイト) that sells many Germany bread.
Every bread is rich in taste, especially I love the walnut bread.
The rye bread and sandwich were also very nice! I will try merkornbrot (メアコーンブロート) and carrot bread next time.
The shop
opens market stall at Chuou park once a month as Tsukuichi. Next Tsukuichi is on April 5, first Sunday every month.

address : つくば市天久保2丁目10-20 Map
tel : 029-859-3737


Closed : Tuesday and Wednesday

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